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Serge Thorn

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Governance is currently a key topic for many IT functions. Its definition varies, but its key themes are true for all companies: effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability. Business value and risk mitigation are also at its center and represent a significant part of enterprise governance overall. Due to the horizontal nature of IT, where almost everyone in the enterprise uses IT assets to complete their responsibilities, the impact of effective IT governance is quite visible throughout an organization. IT governance defines a structure of relationships, processes, and measurements to direct and control IT assets (e.g., people, finance, infrastructure) to achieve the enterprise’s goals by adding value while balancing risk with return. It helps to define roles and responsibilities and specify an accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in IT and ... (more)

IT Architecture Is Not Enterprise Architecture

For many years I have observed lots of confusion with some basic definitions such as IT and Enterprise Architecture among other terms. I will not try to define the meaning of Enterprise Architecture by myself (despite I have my own view on this) as this is something being right now redefined by the Open Group (which by the way used to call their events “IT Architecture Practitioner Conference” and changed only recently to “Enterprise Architecture Practitioner Conference”). Looking at job definitions related to Architecture positions, I have also identified a clear misunderstandin... (more)


Many people are interested to understand how does Enterprise Architecture fits with IT Service Management. For the Open Group, I have written a document which has just been published today. This White Paper considers how the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) can be used together, with a detailed comparison and mapping between the two. ... (more)

TOGAF 9, a new era in Enterprise Architecture

TOGAF 9 has been announced at the Open Group 21st Enterprise Architecture Practitioners conference in San Diego. The Open Group, a vendor- and technology-neutral consortium, in early February delivered TOGAF 9, an enterprise architecture framework. TOGAF 9 introduces significant enhancements to the previous version of the standard and represents a departure for enterprise architecture frameworks in general. It’s larger, more mature, and modular to allow people to enter it from a variety of perspectives. It takes on a much more significant business services and accomplishments pe... (more)

ITIL and CMMI synergies

CMMI has been developed by the Carnegie Mellon University – Software Engineering Institute. It consists of best practices that address the development and maintenance of products and services covering the product life cycle from conception through delivery and maintenance. A product can be an airplane, a digital camera, a drug or a software package available from a commercial retailer. It can also be a Service such as those defined into IT Service Management. CMMI integrates bodies of knowledge that are essential when developing products, but that have been addressed separately i... (more)